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Sci|Art Lab+Studio is an international, cutting-edge lab and studio course designed to engage high school students in using scientific and creative practices as complementary tools for research, design and innovation. Our diverse faculty and course material facilitate a unique learning environment that promotes critical and creative thinking, divergent and convergent thought, and encourages peer to peer collaboration.

Sci|Art Lab Studio curriculum promotes the expansion of forms of inquiry to include alternative and embodied methodologies, applications of art-based and scientific research through creative projects, development of ecological literacy, and the development of technological and haptic skills, while fostering collaboration and communication.

In order to maintain intimate learning in the online platform, students are placed in groups with instructors and receive close attention allowing for connection and participation. Students work collaboratively on their final projects. The final projects and graduation ceremony will be live-streamed for family and friends to join

This joint venture, between the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) and Department of Design | Media Arts, sponsored by the Art|Sci Center, brings together two of the most competitive majors at UCLA. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in both science and art to build their portfolio for college admission as well earn FOUR UNITS of transferable UCLA CREDIT for the two-week course.