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Day 10: Final Presentations

09:00-10:00 am Rehearse Final Presentations 10:00-11:00 am Final Presentations The Session in Retrospect: Space Buddies Final Presentation: Gru-p Final Presentation: Team Cooling Coral Final Presentation: Google Slides:

Day 9: Ecology

09:00-09:30 am Blog Report (Team check-ins & attendance)  9:30-12:00 pm Work Time 12:00-1:00 pm LUNCH 01:00-04:00 pm OFFLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Recordings: Lecture | Jeremy Kamal Daily Activity (Post in #day-9-activities channel): Use your microscope on two… Read More »Day 9: Ecology

day 7: Brainstorming

09:00-09:30am Blog Report (Team check-ins & attendance)  09:30-12:30am Midterm Brainstorming/Presentations (Pitch Idea + Critique) 12:30-01:30pm LUNCH BREAK 01:30pm-03:00pm OFFLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Recordings: AI and Bias | Ema Koh Daily Activity (Post in #day-7-activities channel): In your… Read More »day 7: Brainstorming

day 6: vibrations

09:00-10:00 am Midterm Brainstorming (Review, Select Topic + Groups) 10:00 – 11:30 am Music and Quantum Mechanics | Dr. Jim Gimzewski 11:30 – 12:30 pm LUNCH 12:30 – 02:00 pm Deep Listening Workshop | Ivana… Read More »day 6: vibrations

day 5: space

09:00-09:30am Blog Report (Team check-ins & attendance)  09:30-11:00am A Window to the Universe- Astronomy & Astrophysics | Dr. Santiago Torres  11:00-12:30pm Alien Star Dust Lecture + Meditation | Victoria Vesna 12:30-01:30pm LUNCH BREAK 01:30pm-04:00pm OFFLINE… Read More »day 5: space

Day 4: Data

09:00-09:30am Blog Report (Team check-ins & attendance) 09:30-12:00pm Sculpting With Digital Debris Workshop | Ivy Lovett 12:00-01:00pm LUNCH BREAK 01:00pm-03:00pm OFFLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Recordings: Remote Sensing | Shane Houchin Daily Activity (Post in #day-4-activities channel): Capture… Read More »Day 4: Data

DAY 3: Micro bio

9:00-09:30am Blog Report (Team check-ins & attendance) 09:30-11:00am Lecture | Aisen Caro Chacin  11:00-12:00pm Sidewalk Herbarium  | Alvaro Azcarraga 12:00-1:00pm LUNCH BREAK 1:00pm-04:00pm OFFLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Recordings: Eco-Sensing | Mick Lorusso Botanical Garden Tour | Dr.… Read More »DAY 3: Micro bio

day 2: nano

9:00-09:30am Blog Report (Check-ins & attendance) 9:30-11:00am Visualizing Carbon | Dr. Victoria Vesna 11:00-11:30am Sharing your Carbon Drawing 11:30-12:30pm LUNCH BREAK 12:30pm-04:00pm OFFLINE ASSIGNMENTS: Recordings: Nanotechnologies in the Quest for the Invisibly Small | Dr.… Read More »day 2: nano

Day 1: Environment

09:00 am-9:30 am INTRODUCTIONS – Directors, Instructors, TA, Students 09:30am-10am BREAK10:00 am-11:00 am Introduction to Art and Science | Dr. Jim Gimzewski + Dr. Victoria Vesna 11:00-12:00 pm Instructors go over blog assignment and rubric/curriculum… Read More »Day 1: Environment